House of Cyn Outdoor Season Open

I love weekday holidays! It was so great being off today. I happily did chores around the house and went to Strengthbox for a workout. When I came home I did some spring cleaning in the House of Cyn court. I brought my bumper plates outside, along with the plyo boxes my husband made me for my birthday. It looks fantastic. I did some chinups as part of my push-pull challenge and some band movements that I read on Clifton Harski’s site. It’s been a great afternoon!

Here’s what was shakin’ at Strengthbox today:

Throw / Catch

It’s great getting to work with other trainers as well as coached by other trainers. Today’s class was taught by Colin. He is Mr.Zen. A very calming presence. It helps me relax and remember to be mindful when I’m executing challenging movements. He took us through an interesting warmup of throwing and sprinting, squatting, zombie situps, overhead squats (wide grip and narrow). I felt very limber and ready for the combo after.

Combo: 1 min work, 30 secs rest: 16 Intervals totalย 
– Rock-Its (5# pair of clubbells)
– 1 Arm Ring Pullup
– Inchworm
– Diagonal Ball Slam (10#)
– T Jumps
– Ball Slams (20#)
– Club Lunge Woodchoppers (10# clubbell)
– KB Sotts Press (8kg)
Another fun and creative combo with some challenging movements.
I’m thrilled that spring is here and I will also be able to have many fun workouts here in the months to come! ๐Ÿ™‚

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