Mid-Point Reflections

I’m very behind in my blog entries. And it seems like a couple of my goals are right around the corner – April 28th is the Canadian Kettlebell Championships and May 5th is the Tactical Strength Challenge. With the long weekend here I am taking advantage of the extra time by reflecting on my training. So far ย I’ve fallen behind on my deadlifts by a couple of workouts, but I am still working on my muscleups. My kettlebell training has also taken a bit of a set back due to the still unknown origin of my right shoulder/neck injury. I have been able to begin workouts again, but my right shoulder is much weaker. I had thought I would have progressed further in my ability to compete ย with a 16kg bell. I’m crossing my fingers for big improvement over the next 2 weeks. I think the main thing for me is to not over do it, or avoid taking unnecessary risks (i.e..try not to do anything stupid). This is actually a tall order for me so I can’t wait to see what happens.

Today I was exhausted as it was the last work day before the long weekend and it had been a surprisingly busy week. I enjoyed kickin’ it afterschool with the Strengthbox crew. This is what we did:


Bear Grylls

Muscle Up progressions/practice

5 reps @ 45#, 55#, 65#, 75# and 4 reps @ 95# (poor scaling but I haven’t pressed in a while and wasn’t sure with my right shoulder how it would be). 55# was probably a wasted set.

Combo: 15 Minutes
Walk all Fours (alternated bear crawl, crab walk, money walk, gorilla)
Vault / Under / Vault / Roll
10 Pushups
10 Get-Ups (5/5) Used a 12kg KB ย (started with 16kg but was taking way too long to do 5 reps).

The combo was fun and challenging. Great group out tonight.



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