Pain In The Neck

I’m not sure what happened here… I meant to post this a week ago!

I positively hate set backs and this past week was one gigantic one. Monday I had to leave work early with a stomach virus that lasted a good 2-3 days. I tried to persevere through the crappy feelings and managed to do the first couple of days my my new muscle-up challenge… but the combination of the flu and perhaps too many reps of muscle ups and my neck and should just blew up. It feels as though I have a pinched nerve in my neck. I’m strongly considering  caving and having a physio look at it. I haven’t done  physiotherapy in years.

By the time the weekend rolled around I felt up to a workout and wanted to test out and survey the damage in my neck and shoulder. My right side is definitely a mess, the left seems fine. My mobility has been neglected and I have decided to get back into daily Indian club work to help keep it limber.  What’s interesting is that the movements in kettlebell that really make my shoulder feel terrible, are the ones I shouldn’t be doing. I’m wondering if this is where it stems from – me getting caught in a bad pattern has finally led to a bit of an injury.  On the positive side, when I execute the moves properly on my right side I don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Funny that my body now sends shooting signals of pain when I’m off the mark in my technique. I’m motivated more than ever to not get sloppy on my weaker side.

Today’s workout: (all using a 12kg bell)

3min swings, 1 hand switch

3 min cleans – 1 hand switch 8  rpm

3 min cleans – 1 hand switch 12 rpm

3  X 4 min 1-arm long cycle – 1 handswitch, 10-12 rpm 1 min breaks between sets

For the next 4 weeks my goal is to eat super clean, train consistently, and avoid doing anything unusual or stupid. Fingers crossed. I have the diet thing good to go and a meal plan for the week. I’m going to back off the muscleups for now and keep the Push-Pull challenge going as prescribed.


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