Easter Blahs

April was supposed to be another detox month for me but I fell victim to the allure of the Easter bunny and found myself going on a rampage of consuming foods that just make me feel like crap. Although I am not happy about feeling like crap, I am happy to be reminded as to why I chose to eat differently. Although I might have benefited from taking today off, I’m glad I made myself get through a workout in this food hungover state.

Unfortunately I did tweak my back a bit doing some deadlifts which I am pretty sure will just result in some muscle stiffness tomorrow…and maybe the next day. Nothing more (fingers crossed). Lucky for me I was able to arrange a physio appointment so I’m good to go!

General Mobility

Next, series of
Low (duck) Walk while carrying med ball overhead
Med Ball TGUs (ball on shoulder, or balance on hand overhead)
One-leg Ball Slams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQdo2nVw4rY
Squats (with KB behind back)

Deadlift (Reverse Pyramid)

Quicky work up to previous 5 rep max (in about 3 sets) – 135# – 225# – 245# (this is unacceptably low but the most I could handle as well as the weight where I felt a twinge in my back. I had my lifting partner Jacob watch my remaining lifts to check my technique which he told me was perfect. I think I pulled too hard (insert joke) and shot my hips forward violently like I was lifting 345#. I ended up feeling like things weren’t aligned properly, but the feeling did go away. However, I think my reaction to it was to stress out and tense up all the muscles in that area).
Rest, then reduce weight (approx 10%) and do 6 reps – 225#

Rest, reduce weight again and try 7 reps – 175#Β 

If time permits, try for 8 reps – 155#.


Combo: As Fast as Possible:

20 Med Ball Cleans (full squat) (15# med ball – unevenly weighted)
100 Jump Rope
20 Dbl Kettlebell Press (12kg)
100 Jump Rope Backwards
20 Pullups
100 Jump Rope

Not sure how long this took me but it was fast and furious! πŸ™‚


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