Just Do It

I know… could I seriously have chosen that as a title for my blog entry? Well… yes. It  basically sums up what I have been neglecting for too long, and ofcourse it takes being on the brink of injury to wake up. The other day I was broken by a workout, and I am actually really irritated about it because my technique was perfect ( my spotter Jake told me so), and the entire time I was lifting I was surprised how easily it was going up… and then I stupidly thrust my hips forward way more violently then I needed to I could tell things weren’t aligned in a happy way. Luckily it seems to be just some 40yr old muscle soreness. However my appointment with Paul has shown me that the discomfort I’m in right now is caused  by imbalances largely created   by my lack  of mobility. Which is ridiculous and unacceptable because I can actually DO something to prevent that from happening in the first place.

So… I’m on a mini mobility plan as I nurture my back, neck and right shoulder, while still staying on track for April 28th.

I wasn’t sure I would be ready for 16kg, but thrilled at how easy 12kg is feeling. I was worried it would be too big of a jump and doubly worried about whether my back was going to hate it as well. No worries on the back front. I didn’t feel a thing which is awesome. I did play it careful/safe and scaled back the workout from what was originally prescribed.

Swing – WARM UP
2min – 16kg – 1hand switch

Long Cycle – 2min break

4min – 16kg – 10RPM – 1hand switch
4min – 16kg – 10RPM – 1hand switch

So – 2 sets of 4min long cycle and it wasn’t too bad. I “happily” kept a 10rpm pace. My right shoulder wanted out after 1 minute but I managed to hang in for 2. My left arm was like “why haven’t we been doing 16kg all along” 🙂 On the second set I was still able to keep pace but it was much tougher then I thought it was going to be.

6min break

1ARM Jerk – heavy – 1min break

4min – 16kg  12RPM – 1hand switch
As for the 1 set of jerks I did my right side wanted no part of it. It was the first time ever I had to talk myself out of putting the bell down. I was able to talk myself off the ledge, but the degree of discomfort was alarming. 16kg is deceptively “heavy”.
Overall, I actually enjoyed that I was able to lift today and it could have been worse.
As it turns out, I don’t think I suck as much as I think I do.
Here’s the video:

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