The Workout Never to be Named

It’s really easy to only record those amazing workouts where you smash a previous personal best. This is not one of those posts. This is the post of a teacher hitting the end of her work week with an incredibly challenging class feeling physically and emotionally drained. I probably should have just taken the day off but it was important to me to squeeze another workout in this week to test out my back. With the competition getting closer I can’t really afford to take more rest days then I need too. I need to keep moving and improving.

Mobility and Range of Motion drills

Weighted Ring Dips
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 (used my body weight for the first 3 sets, and wore a 20# weight vest for the last 2 sets)

15 Minute Combo:

2 Bear Grylls (STRUGGLED WITH THIS TODAY but did end the combo being able to do at least one on the climbing structure, otherwise I could only do it if I used the narrow pull-up bar)
6 Pistols (3 per leg – could not get depth today – hips in pain, did box progression instead)
12 Break the Coconuts (aka ball slams with 20# med ball)
Balance Beam (Move on All Fours)
Box jump cleans (20# dumbbells)
Wall Climbs

This was such a great little combo but I felt dehydrated, exhausted and weak. That being said it did not feel like a chore going today. It was great to be there and such a great group of people to move around with πŸ™‚ My back is still a little tender in places but I’ve been a good kid and working on my mobility from my therapy guru πŸ˜‰ Overall things feel as though they are on track, and I have accomplished a lot more and remained fairly consistent with my training despite all of the setbacks.


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