Good Morning

Well, Katy and I are back in action this week. It is so great having a workout partner! She definitely helps hold me accountable to getting my butt to the gym for 6am! I am only doing 2 workouts this week to rest up for the kettlebell competition on the weekend. I’m pretty excited about it. I hope I can control my excitement when the time comes and keep in a controlled rhythm. My last kettlebell workout found me messing up my clean as I almost forgot was I was doing and went to snatch the bell. I’ve never done that before and I’m worried I will do it by accident when I’m nervous. One warning should snap me out of it, but I’m hoping it doesn’t happen at all.


Anyway… here are the workouts I’ve been up to on my competition week:

Monday, April 23

Foam Roll Hamstrings, Lower Back, IT Band, Calves (this has been AMAZING!). I have been using the lacrosse ball and foam roller more consistently and am noticing a significant improvement in my hip mobility.
Touch Toe Progressions (One leg at a time – Toes raised on a 25# bumper plate first, hands overhead, fold at hip and engage core to touch toes. Next try with heels raised on a 25# bumper plate. Make sure to try both left and right feet. Β Next regular one legged toe touches on flat floor.

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3

125#, 155#, 185@, 220#, 250#, 250#

This sucked. I should have been able to do 275# – 280#. Although 250# went up o.k… I was nervous about trying anything heavier because of what I did to my back the last time I deadlifted. This was “smart-pre competition Cynthia” who doesn’t always show-up, especially where deadlift is concerned. The Tactical Strength Challenge is in a couple of weeks and it would have been a great day to go for it. Sigh…. since losing 10# I have noticed my bodyweight exercises (pullups, handstand pushups) have made signficant gains, but my strength lifts (deadlift, squat) have diminshed slightly.

Combo: 3x
5 Box Jump DB Cleans (15# dumbbells)
10 Toes to Bar
15 Equalizer Body Rows
20 Double Unders

This was a nice gentle way to start the week. I flew through the 3 rounds in no time. It felt great.


Tuesday, April 24th

This is going to be my last workout this week as I rest up for the competition.

10 Overhead Squats (35# bar)
10 Pressing Snatch Balance (15# bar)
10 Sotts Press (15# bar)


Deck Power Snatch
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

35# – 45# – 55# – 65# – 75#


Combo: 20-15-10
Overhead Squat (#55)
Elevated Feet Pushups

This was tough….but awesome. My pullups have come a long way. I used to dread pullups, now I love them. At work today I was goofing around and I did my first wall assisted hand stand pushup with no abmat – forehead/nose to floor and up again! Woohoo!! My shoulder strength does feel pretty kick ass at the moment. I wish my legs would get the memo that strength rocks! πŸ™‚


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