One More Rep

I sure wish that title meant that I completed the necessary reps needed for a #1 ranking in the 65kg weight class with a 12kg kettlebell…but unfortunately I fell 1 shy. Boris had done an amazing job grooming me to be ready for today and although I’m happy with my performance I did fall victim to some rookie mistakes. But I will end with what I learned from today’s competition. I should start off by saying that I HATE competition. I LOVE the process of training and preparing, but the  experience of competing scares the crap out of me. The idea of making yourself so completely vulnerable can be nerve wracking. To share with friends and complete strangers the personal experience of looking your complete worst while trying your absolute best….not to mention all the “what ifs”…. But ofcourse once I throw myself into the deep end I actually enjoy and even find pleasure in it…until the next time…. and the vicious cycle continues.

Here were my goals for today:

1. Last 10 minutes without stopping/putting down the bell.

2. Don’t drop the kettlebell on the hand exchange (this was a nerves issue as it had NEVER crossed my mind until a few hours before competing).

3. Don’t accidentally start snatching – I had done this on the very last kettlebell workout about a week ago. Something I had never done until that day. I just wasn’t focused or concentrating and started snatching for no apparent reason – like I had forgotten what I was doing….

4. Complete 100 reps (approx 50/side)

5. Make my weight class

Here’s how it went down (in my head…. might have looked differently. If there is video out there I will post later):

I started on my right side. Although I am right handed, my technique and strength for GS movements is worse on this side. I like starting on this side and then letting loose on my left side. I couldn’t tell if the clock was counting up or counting down (turns out it was counting down). There was a fair sized crowd there today and I was finding it hard to hear what my judge was saying to me. He was actually good about not just calling my no-reps, but giving me feedback about why it was a no-rep so I could self correct right away. I glared at him a few times because 1. I pride myself on my technique and sometimes it just seems too subjective what people consider a push press and a jerk….so at those moments I can be pissy, 2. I am pissy  but mostly at myself because I hate making mistakes even when fatigued….way to hard on myself, anyway… 3. It was hard to hear because it was loud so I’m sure I had a very concerned, stressed out look on my face as I try to hear if it was a just a no-rep or no-rep and warning. I didn’t receive any warnings at least.

Next, I heard someone yell something about 4 minutes, which I interpreted to mean, 4 minutes left. I didn’t have an analog clock in front of me so I wasn’t paying attention to the time, I was just focusing on counting my breaths. When I glanced at the clock I saw 6:00, but didn’t bother to consider the clock was counting down, I thought it was counting up and I only had 4 minutes left. I was at 53 reps  and was worried that it had taken too long for me to get to my targeted half way point, and in my mind I had taken 1 minute away  from my stronger side.  So, like a complete idiot I switched hands. Thinking I only had 4 minutes left and had to make up for lost time I just started givin’ ‘er! I wound up causing myself a few no-reps for not pausing and having that clear separation between the clean and the jerk. When 4 minutes went by and the flight wasn’t over I realized my mistake, and that I still had 2 minutes left, and I wasn’t able to sustain the rep pace I had used for the previous 4 minutes. It seemed to be the longest final 2 minutes ever!  End result – 121 reps (53 right and  68 left). The biggest lesson I learned was to be more disciplined with my time management.

However – when I look at my goal list I met every criteria! I even completed 21 more reps then I was expecting.

Overall, I had the most fun ever, and my fears were completely ridiculous. I definitely want to do another competition and I am excited to graduate up to 16kg.  Here are my new   goals:

May – July : Heal my body (right knee/hip issues) and focus on my movnat training/implementation for the certification in August. Play some ball hockey, and do some intermittent kettlebell work.

July – September: Movnat implementation/certification, kettlebell training ramp-up, ball hockey season will be winding down. Next competition I would love to compete in the 59-60kg weight class using a 16kg kettlebell.

Overall I am happiest when I have fun things to train for and great people to do it with!


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