Mission Possible

Katy and I rockin’ the foam roller while we waited for our flight for the snatch. It felt awesome! I love events that are competitive but still have a strong sense of camaraderie. I felt that last weekend at the Agatsu Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships and it was definitely the atmosphere today as well. Katy has been my training partner in crime for almost a year now and helps me get my butt to the gym!

Nothing is more gratifying then setting goals for yourself and achieving them. The last 2 weekends I have participated in 2 competitions and met or exceeded my expectations. I  couldn’t be happier 🙂 Over the past several months I have been training consistently, but not always spending as much time on certain aspects of my training that I would have liked to have done more. That being said, what I did do was obviously enough. I have lost weight and improved my performance dramatically over the last 4 months.  I’m so excited to be heading into the summer in arguably the best shape I have been in in almost 10 years or more. It feels awesome 🙂

Today was the Tactical Strength Challenge at Strengthbox. I hadn’t deadlifted or done many pullups in a couple of weeks at least and was a little worried about whether or not I was prepared.  My back still did not feel 100% from that training session a few weeks ago so I wasn’t sure whether or not the goals I had be training for were going to be achievable. Nonetheless, I had some goals in mind for today and as it grew closer to starting time I became more and more nervous.

My competition goals: 

Deadlift – 300# – 325#

Strict pullups – 7-10 reps

16kg Kettlebell snatches – 100 reps

Warm-up:  mobility drills, Indian clubs, light (8kg) KB swings and snatches. Deadlift warm-up sets) – 105#, 135#, 225#, 255# Listed below are my results from today. Beside them in brackets I put my results from the first and only other time I have done a Tactical Strength Challenge which was 3 years ago. I improved in every event at a lower body weight. For me that is the best part. I love training and pushing myself beyond my perceived limits. I understand that some competition is healthy but I don’t like the added stress and pressure that comes with being compared to others. Instead, I would rather compete against myself. Set my own records and continue to strive to beat them 😉

My competition results:

Body weight – 136lbs (April 2009 – 146.6lbs)

Deadlift – Attempt #1: 275#, Attempt #2: 300# (failed!!!), Attempt #3: 300# OH YEAH BABY!!! (April 2009 – 275#)

Pullups – 13 reps (April 2009 – 6reps)

16kg Kettlebell snatches – 98 reps (April 2009 – 86 reps)

Overall it was a great turn out and supported an amazing cause. Strengthbox has always embraced the motto “Fit Body, Fit Mind” and I am proud to support a community business that cares about youth – particularly marginalized youth dealing with mental health issues.  All proceeds from the event went to the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation in their initiative to build out a space for adolescents with psychiatric challenges.

I’m stoked for next year! 🙂


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