Back In the Saddle Again

Dear Blog,

I have really missed you. No excuses can make up for my neglect, so I am here writing to beg your forgiveness 🙂

Haha! The month of June is just a nightmare for a teacher. I know the teacher haters out there have no appreciation or understanding of what I do, but I’m telling you I am sooooooo ready for a break. In the TDSB they have tried to adopt a new system of reporting over the last few years which I think sucks. Pedagogically I get it – but the way it has been executed is just brutal. Writing report cards was always a time consuming task where for about 3 weeks I turn into a university student pulling all-nighters studying for that final. And not because I slacked off and skipped classes…nope. Instead its because I am given no time in my work day to complete the hours of administrative crap that go into writing these things. Despite my negative feelings towards them, I do pride myself in my comment writing skills. I really try my best to address each student individually so that their personality comes out in each comment.  Alas, I have to thank a fellow colleague and paleo friend of mine for lending a hand – you’re the best Cindy! One thing I love about this profession is the number of amazing colleagues I have who are so generous with their knowledge, expertise and ideas. I have a great support group of amazing people that  I love to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of and I sponge all of the great skills and tips they share with me like crazy. It definitely helps make things much less stressful at this time of year. Nevertheless… I’m still finding it hard to maintain the rest of my life around work during the month of June. I let it become all consuming and find it so easy to find excuses to eat crap and avoid workouts.

Luckily for me, I haven’t been avoiding my workouts 🙂 Instead…. I am actively working on the goals I set for myself after Canadians. There is a competition coming up in Detroit in November and that is one of the next goals in my sight. Ideally I will be trying for a Rank #1 with a 16kg kettlebell in the Long Cycle.  Eventually Master of Sport will be in my future training goals, but for now I am taking it one step at a time. One of those steps has been to recruit some help with my training and for that I went to my boy Jason Dolby with the OKC. If you’ve seen other entries in this section you’ll see about a year ago I took a workshop with them and fell in OKC love! Now that I have a solid foundation and at least a year of training under my belt I feel I’m really to progress from the ranks of GPP to Sporting Perfection 😉

Today ended my first week with Jason. I’ve completed 4 sessions and I feel great. I’ve been working more on my mobility and encorporating movnat into my warmups. My right knee was really flared up after Canadians and is finally starting to settle down. It turns out I have moderate osteoarthritis in my knee with a lateral patellar tilt. I’ve started taking orthovisc which is basically a high-tech analgesic that,  in a series of 3 injections right into your knee,   gives you relief for up to 6 months or more. My goal is to use this as an aid to push my mobility work without the limitation of pain.

These are my summer training plans:

Rest of June – continue kettlebell work and mobility

July – kettlebell, mobility, 30 day hot yoga challenge, push-pull work, movnat skill work and study

August – kettlebell, mobility, movnat study and fine tuning




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