Summer Time

The time has finally arrived. I know people who are completely ignorant and have no clue what the life of a teacher is like 10 months of the year really hate me for having the next 2 months off. Bring it on haters!  This is what I feel like right now:


For the next 2 months I am going to spend time doing stuff that I want to do. Since I can’t do EVERYTHING I want to, here’s what I have narrowed it down to: kettlebell training (3-4 days a week), Movnat Studying for Certification in August (2-3hrs a day), Book MUST read list – “It Starts With Food” By Dallas and Melissa Hartig, and the Guardians of Ga’hoole and Hunger Games Series. Other then that I will be attending Farmer’s Markets, visiting friends and family, and playing ball hockey once a week, and working and training at Strengthbox. Who could ask for anything more?


This picture sums it up nicely:


When I am not doing my kettlebell training I will be doing some light skill work to prepare myself for the Movnat cert and ensure I pass all of the physical requirements. Nothing does the trick like one of Greg’s combos. I stopped by the gym on Tuesday for a workout and it was just what I needed:


Obstacle Course – 5 minutes

– Wall climb, spider crawl under objects, precision jump and land on and off objects, get on top of the bar (alternated leg swing method, elbow getup method, and around the world), followed by structure play (balance, walk on all fours, low walk, traverse etc…), overhead carry while balance beam walk (16kg KB), crab walk/spider crawl, forward roll through tire.


Supersets: 4 sets of 5 reps of each — (only 45sec – 1min rest within a super set, 2-3min between supersets)

A1: Overhead Press (85#)
A2: Deadlift (135#)

B1: Bench Press (125#)
B2: Bent-Over Row (65#)

C1: Double KB Dragon Lunges** (12kg)
C2: V-Ups (not too fast!)**

*** 10 reps total


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