Preparation and Getting Ready

From a training stand point this summer has been super productive for me. My goal is to have my routine solidly in place so that when school starts I can continue the same schedule….for the most part. I’m also allowing for some flexibility and “listening to my body”. For instance Tuesday I should have gone to yoga but was feeling exhausted and burned out from ball hockey and kettlebell training on Monday. Resting was probably for the best. So far I have completed 20 kettlebell workouts under Jason. When I hit 24 I will pick up from where I left off and post the last 12 workouts I completed.

I’ve started a Whole 30 this week thanks to my friend Clifton Harski, which is actually perfect…. 1. Because I have been a complete asshole with my ice cream consumption and gained 1kg, and 2. It would be beneficial for performing Movnat skills and reducing strain on my knee to drop a few kg before the cert and 3. If I want to drop a weight category in kettlebell I’ve got another 4kg to lose. The sooner I try to lose those 4kg, the better…. and ofcourse 4. the sooner I can get back into a more healthy routine, the better off I will be come September when work stress hits again and finally 5. (which should really be #1 – I have really bad arthritis in my right knee….really bad. I’m too young for that shit. Arthritis is an auto-immune disease that I can absolutely make a positive impact through controlling what I put into my body. This is an experiment for me to see how long I can keep it under control and move efficiently before I need an orthovisc injection. I need to be pain free for the Movnat cert and the competition in November. The cleaner I can be during that time frame, the longer I can expect my body to perform as close as possible to its “best”.

Today was a great day at Strengthbox. I went to the noon class and followed that up with an hour or so of  Movnat Certification studying with Colin. Here’s what went down at the box today:

Mobility                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Colin was teaching the class today and he’s great with warmup ideas. A very creative guy when it comes to movement. One of my favourites that a remember from today was – 1. From a deep low squat, place hands down (like you’re going to do a burpee) and kick legs back and drop hips into cobra position 2. bring/jump feet back into a squat 3. roll backwards and use momentum to come back up into a deep low squat. Repeat steps 1-3 a bunch more times 😉

We also did a lunge clock which I also liked – starting on right foot lunge forward, to the side, behind, then move to the left foot lunging behind, to the side and in front. Repeat each clock a few more times 🙂


Box Squat – man do you need to keep your “core” tight on these babies!
5reps @ 45#, 95#, 115#, 135#, 165#

Combo: 12 Minutes
Single Leg KB Deadlift 5/5 (24kg)
One-Leg Single Hammer DB Curl and Press 5/5 (25#)
One-Arm Body Rows 10/10
One-Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunges 10/10 (25#)

I made it through 3 rounds. I started off way to slow. I should have been able to do 4-6. It took me almost 6 minutes just to do the first round and then I figured out the movements and just started flying. I should have attacked it harder at the start but that’s just how I’m feeling today 🙂


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