The Year of Cyn-Hi

So far the summer has been going great. In some ways I have felt very unproductive, and in other ways I’m feeling proud of some healthier habits I am working on and consistently maintaining (so far…). My kettlebell training is at the top of the priority list right now. Everything I am doing is to prepare for my goal in November in Detroit….and even beyond there….but one goal at a time. It’s come at a bit of a sacrifice to being able to spend my time in other ways, but I’m proud of what I’m doing right now.

Funnily enough, I was beginning to worry about my kettlebell training and whether or not I was losing strength because I haven’t had as much time for other movements I like to do such as some power lifts and olympic lifts. My performance in some of these lifts has really tanked, but in others I’ve actually noticed an improvement, or a similar result to the last time I lifted, even if a year had passed since I had performed a max attempt on that lift. That’s exactly what happened today. I hadn’t overhead squatted anything I would consider heavy in a while… although I had performed that movement in a combo several times but with different objects other than a bar. I think my kettlebell training has given me some new found wicked ass strength that is helping me to piece together movements I used to find challenging….like the elusive ring muscle up. My days as a Crossfitter instilled in me this intense desire to be able to perform this movement multiple times, and with ease… just like an olympic gymnast. Well, years and years of weight lifting, body weight strength work and pullups pullups, pullups…..and I just haven’t been able to get past having enough strength, but not figured out the technique. I would say there was a good 2-3 years I trained for it in a very focused way. Then in frustration I backed off and didn’t focus on it so consistently…and what do you know…5 months after turning 40 and BOOM! Take that!

Muscle ups were in today’s combo and Colin had a super sore shoulder and before class he asked me if I would demo the movements. Ofcourse I said sure and we went over different progressions we could show as well. Then when it came time to demo the movements for the group I hopped up on the rings and made an attempt but failed…. but it felt really close. So I tried again and struggled for a bit before I was finally able to lock it out. Normally I would have been done for the workout and would have had to just use progressions, or resort to pullups, but since it was a low number of reps being performed in the combo today Β I decided to try it again. This time I was smart and had Colin film me just in case I had it in me to do another one and I did! It felt so awesome I wanted to do another one right away but I had no juice left in my arms. Glad to know it’s there though as I will keep developing it to the point where I can do multiple reps.

Here’s what today’s workout at Strengthbox looked like:

Foam Rolling (hip flexors, glutes, inner thighs, hams, quads, etc.)
HIP mobility work – super creative Colin had us doing a series of bridges and other moves using the kettlebell that were amazing.

Overhead Squat
5 reps @ – 45#, 55#, 65#, 75#, 90#

The last time I had recorded a 5rep max OHS was Nov. 2011 where I lifted 85# as my 5 rep max.

Combo: 12 Minutes
2 Ring Muscle Ups (sub jumping muscle up if I couldn’t complete 2 full reps)
Lame Dog Walk (alternate which limb is off the ground)
Overhead Balance Beam Carry (20# med ball)
5 Precision Jumps (4′ apart – practice skill for Movnat training cert)
2 Deadlifts (140# – rounded my body weight up -teehee)

Awesome workout today. I feel as though in the past many of my entries or training sessions I have been plagued by some kind of injury or illness and the pieces of the puzzle are close to coming together but then the puzzle completely changes….so it’s nice to have a good run so far of feeling awesome and getting stronger. I’m really pleased with my training with Jason Dolby right now who I can credit for my GPP and strength work from the kettle. Ball Hockey and Strengthbox (and sometimes yoga) have filled the rest of my training schedule nicely and so far everything has complimented each other very well. Chu Hi!!!


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