It feels as though there has been a long hiatus in my blog posts so I must apologize for the absence. Normally an absence from my blog would usually mean  falling off the paleo wagon and training routine and probably an over extended “holiday” of indulgences. I am happy to report the contrary. My diet/lifestyle has been relatively clean and stress free and involved time outdoors. I’ve been sleeping well and training kettlebell like a champ.

All of this has taken place with an insane schedule – prepping for the new school year, the Movnat Trainer Certification, and lots of time teaching at StrengthBox. Also another first. It has motivated me to believe I can do it all when I’m back at work 🙂 So I guess if I was going to be lazy with something – it had to be the blog.

Of course until tonight, when I discovered my new favourite way to eat liver. I recognize the nutritional benefits of liver but I just can’t get past the taste which just isn’t for me. I think too many years working in labs and the movie Hannibal…. anyway….tonight I decided try to mix it with some ground beef to make sliders. They turned out awesome! The only thing missing for me is some tomato slices but I was all out! 😦


2-3 medium lobed grassfed beef livers

1.5 – 2 lbs of grassfed ground beef

1 med – large onion chopped finely (I used the food processor for this)

2-3 cloves of garlic (I zipped with the onion in the food processor)

2-3 tbsp avocado oil (I found that the meat is so lean that you need to add some fat to keep moist and not dry out on the bbq)

2 tbsp coconut flour

Black pepper, and a bit of Sriracha hot sauce to taste

The livers I placed in the food processor and pulsed until it was the consistency of pate. I think you could easily over do it and turn it into goop that would be too runny to make patties with. So I recommended pulsing a bit at a time and don’t take your eyes of it! As it was I added coconut flour to thicken a little. When the liver is ready combine with the other ingredients listed above in a large mixing bowl. Form mixture into patties. We bbq’d for about 10-15min (5-7min each side). We found this made 10-12 nice sized sliders! We served ours on  green lettuce leaves with some chipotle aioli. I really wished we had some sliced tomato…. I’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s leftovers!


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