Two Months Til Novi

I have to say that even though I am back at work, September is still turning out to be a fun month with some social events I’m looking forward to. One is this weekend which I will definitely be writing a post about so I am going to leave you hanging until the. It falls under both Kettlebell Training and Adventures Eating Paleo Β and that is the only clue I will give πŸ˜‰

Anyway…. I haven’t really been commenting on my training as of late. I started by writing a post where I included my first 12 workouts with Jason Dolby. I have to say I love that guy and think he is a fantastic and highly dedicated coach…. and overall kickass human being. He also makes me laugh which comes in handy when you want to stress out over competition. He can always make me smile or laugh and then come up with some crazy zen-Dalai Lama type statement that calms me every time. I think it might be hypnosis….LOL! He’s the nerdiest (and yet also coolest) kettlebell guy I’ve ever met. I’m really enjoying his programming and probably because I’m getting kickass results. In addition to the clean eating it has completely changed my body composition from 4 months ago. It has made so many other aspects of my training better (or maybe they just all compliment each other perfectly?) but I’ve never felt better. I decided to stop posting my Dolby workouts out of respect and privacy for the coach-student relationship and laziness as well. See, this blog was really a place for me to record things like a training journal – with the added benefit of having an audience and getting occasional feedback. I receive tons of feedback from Jason and we record everything in our own spreadsheets so it seems pointless to do this twice.

It looks as though I am on track for both competing in the 59kg weight class as well as competing with a 16kg with a rank #1 result. Although I have to say the closer I get to 59kg (I seem to consistently fluctuate between 59 and 60kg) the heavier the 16kg starts to feel. I like that I have 8 weeks to maintain that weight and build strength around it so I’m not bonking and doing anything stupidly risky (not looking at anyone – Eric….Boris….) 24hrs before….ofcourse I could turn into the hugest hypocrite ever and be panicking the night before… who knows, HAHA!

I will share a couple of workouts I did recently – A short 3 minute long cycle set using the 16kg, which on this day felt a little bit easier then it has felt most of the summer πŸ™‚


A couple of years ago after meeting Clifton Harski, he turned me on to the Turkish Getup. I had been doing them before I met him, but I didn’t come to appreciate their awesomeness, or the fun and doing them with different objects, until he came along. One of my goals is to start adding barbell and kettlebell Turkish Getups into my warmups more often. Nothing too heavy, just light stuff, but then periodically on active recovery days I can go for a bit more gusto. After my kettlebell workout the other day I decided to wipe the dirt and dust off of my fitness 24kg kettlebell and tried a TGU and I’m pleased with the progress! I’d love to equal my friend Jen Sinkler who can TGU a 32kg!!!!!!!!

Turkish Getup with 24kg Kettlebell


8 weeks til Novi!!!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!



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