Stage 5


Taking some time off kettle, but only a brief hiatus. Just under 2 weeks doesn’t seem like enough time to fit in all of the things I want to do! Haha!  And yet, over 10 days I really only managed to fit in going to the gym twice, I thought it would have been more. I also would have liked to have done some hot yoga classes but didn’t make it there either. My goal is to fit in hot yoga at least once a week once I start training again. Here are the 2 workouts I did at StrengthBox. I like that they involved barbells as this has been part of my training I have largely ignored since spending more time with kettle.



Combo: Barbell Complex – 8 Circuits (with rest in between) as follows:

Bent-Over Rows
Hang Cleans
Front Squats
Back Squats
Good Mornings

(1 set = all 6 different movements)

Set 1: 8 reps with the empty bar #35
Set 2: 7 reps with #45
Set 3: 6 reps with #55
Set 4: 5 reps with #65
Set 5: 4 reps with #70
Set 6: 3 reps with #75
Set 7: 2 reps with #85
Set 8: 1 reps with #95

Katy and I partnered up for this workout which made it extra awesome. We weren’t quite sure how to gauge this workout and went on the conservative side – which I’m super thankful for because I didn’t want to pull anything! It was also nice finishing feeling like you could still do more then wishing you did less…haha!



My 2nd workout during my Stage 5 break was BRUTAL but very necessary. I have been ignoring my barbell work since focusing on kettlebell so it was awesome to put the two together and this really kicked my ass:


10 Minute Mobility Combo:
5x Leg Over, Duck Under, Other Leg Over, Duck Under (imaginary object)
All Fours Balance Beam to Forward Roll
Wall Climb
Stepping Stones with KB Carry – alternated farmer walk with overhead using a pair of 16kg
Duck Walk

Strength Combo: 5x

15 Back Squats (#95)
25 Kettlebell Swings (#20)

My legs were fried after this and funnily enough the next day I came down with the worst flu I have had in ages! Even though I have continued training, my diet has been inconsistent and poor quality and my body has not appreciated it. Definitely left me susceptible to catching something and many of my students have been sick in the last week.

Moral of the story for me is that the next time stage 5 comes around I am not going to dive so quickly into crap. I really paid the price and felt horrible… luckily that horrible feeling will serve as a huge deterrent for next time. There are several other healthier option “cheats” I could have taken part in that I don’t normally eat and would not have had such a devastating impact on my well being. Lesson learned. I am looking forward to resuming training once this flu is gone and I’m feeling better. I’m hoping that is going to be in 2 more days. Lots of bone broth and rest and I’m hoping to feel more like me again. On the plus side – any weight I gained during a debaucherous stage 5 I have lost since acquiring the flu… I’m hovering just under or over 57kg depending on the time of day.


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