Digging in the Vault

There are a million things I should be doing around the house or planning for my work week…but nah, I’m watching hours of kettlebell video. Some of it mine, most of it others. It is amazing how you can just get sucked into a set….and how each set has it’s own story, and without any words (except for maybe coaching cues or cheering if there are spectators) the lifter tells the story. Definitely a performance sport like no other. Sigh*** I miss it. My workouts last week were largely GPP and I only had my hands on a bell for maybe 4 minutes of hand 2 hand swings….just a teaser, no more. I’m dying to rip out some reps but I patiently wait…. (ha, ha – those of you who know me know that I do not have a patient bone in my body…).

While I’ve been waiting I’ve been thinking a lot about these 2 videos in particular. They are 2 of the longest sets I did leading up to Novi. Keep in mind I had never done more then 4 minutes with a 16kg when I started this whole process so it was a pretty big deal. It’s also when I started to realize the impact of losing 6kg and what it does to your strength. I really was hoping to be able to sustain a 10rpm pace but couldn’t get Β more then 8rpm and still maintain clean looking reps.


You gotta love my music choices – I was in a Cypress Hill/Gangsta rap phase that month and it filtered into my workouts. And Black Kettle Power was born πŸ™‚ What’s even more awesome is the sirens in the background of the first video are actually real but fit the music prefectly. Good ‘ol East York! πŸ™‚


I can also see the difference coaching makes – if you compare these videos to my performance at Nationals you can see an improvement in technique which came from minor adjustments Jason and I made in those last 2 weeks and it paid off! It’s pretty amazing what we were able to accomplishment considering how new I was to the sport and the fact that we were on opposite coasts doing all of this. Jason has the eyes of a sniper and can easily point out the most minute detail…it’s amazing. Even from my crappy video recordings he could tell whether my breathing sequence was on point and if I was holding my breath during parts of the movement. All that focus on my technique really paid off and right now my focus is back on building strength to handle the 16kg even more easily and eventually the 20kg…

Jason is the GPP master and I love the work he gives me to do. It is very Chuala friendly for my knees as well as being stuff I love to do…and definitely challenging. I recently purchased some new training toys for the House of Cyn – a 50ft rope and a sandbag. The sandbag game with 3 inserts and so far I have filled 2 of them with 20#’s of sand. Then I also have 2 sandbags that weigh 25# each that I “acquired” from a buddy of mine who works in the film industry. I’ve got a few options if I want to increase the weight. Lately Jason has given me 40# sandbag clean and press as well as….ugh… weighted lunges…both are awesome but ass kicking….



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