In two more months it will mark my first year of training for kettlebell sport. This weekend marked my third “official” competition – the Agatsu Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships. Here’s a quick recap of my competitions to date which I have organized as:


Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships APRIL 2012 – 16kg LC 10 minutes, 65kg weight class. Final result – 121 reps, 1st place, Rank 2 (missed Rank 1 by 1 repetition! )

It was after this meet I contacted Jason to see if he was taking on any new students. Two months later we started preparing for IKFF Nationals in Novi, Michigan. After 6 months of training with Jason:


IKFF Nationals NOVEMBER 2012 – 16kg LC, 10 minutes, 59kg weight class. Final result – 83 reps, 2nd place, Rank 2

It is pretty obvious to see the difference Jason’s coaching is making on my technique, efficiency and overall conditioning. Jason’s programming along with super clean paleo living and I lost 11kg and dropped a weight class.

My next mission was to further dominate the sunshine bell and achieve my Rank 1. This is the necessary standard Jason requires before he will even consider allowing me to begin training and competing for the next weight up. My goal is to one day hit 120+ reps with the 16kg but with my next competition about 7 weeks away, that is unlikely to happen….but my next goal with the 16kg LC is to break the 100rep barrier πŸ™‚ I came close at this year’s Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships.

Canadian Kettlebell Sport Championships APRIL 2013 – 16kg LC 10 minutes, 59kg weight class. Final result – 99 reps, 1st place, Rank 1

I’m flabbergasted with this result and couldn’t be happier. It is even more obvious to me the difference Jason’s coaching is making. My technique, efficiency and breathing…it’s all starting to click! I just need time to lay down a serious number of reps with these tools. I knew Kettle Cave Camp was going to pay off and it did, along with another 5 months of hard training…a 16 rep PB!!!!!

There is still so much left to do! For the next 6 months, my goals are:

1. To perform over 100 reps in 16kg Long Cycle (June)

2. Compete and survive my first 10 min set in the Β 20kg long cycle (August)

3. Perform over 400 reps at the 1HLC with the 16kg bell (October)

4. Try for another 10 min Long cycle PR with the 16kg (130+???) (November )

I’d love to get seriously sappy about how much I love my coach and OKC family and how much they inspire and motivate me to work hard every day….I’ll “man” up for Buckley and tone it down a notch. One of the toughest things I’ve found in this kettlebell sport experience has been my ability to trust myself – particularly when it comes to competition. I LOVE to train. Having the confidence to endure an insane workout is never an issue. For me, the terror comes when stepping on the platform where critiquing eyes are watching your every move. Where’s it’s you and the clock and you have to try to block everything out and focus on your goal…. while everyone can clearly see what and how you’re feeling every moment of your set. My mind goes insane with stupid “what if” scenarios that have never happened in training but I somehow am convinced will happen in competition. It was stupid fear thinking like this that prevented me from even trying it. It took my friend Boris over a year just to get me to enter a press competition. I had the same crazy fears racing track for over a decade. Luckily, I force myself to do shit that makes me uncomfortable, and once I taste that first competition I’m hooked to try againandagain. Having great teammates and a great coach helps the competition anxiety. Knowing how much faith Jason has in me and my training helped me believe when I began to feel doubtful. My teammates who kept reminding me to trust in my training, kept me focused and strong. That kind of support makes you invincible and ready for any challenge. I knew if I was going to get on the platform, my only option was a personal best.


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