Tactical Strength Challenge Reflections

This year marks my 3rd year participating in the Tactical Strength Challenge. Deadlift was something I learned I was good at pretty quickly and is one of my favourite lifts.  Pullups are something I have always thought to be  important. The idea of being able to pull your entire body weight has so many practical and survival implications I have always been obsessed with being able to do as many as possible. I also love climbing and pullups were my first progression to being able to climb over and on top of things. My brother also inspired me to develop my pullups from the time I was about 7 years old as I saw him training them all the time, and sometimes he would have me hold his waist so he could do them weighted. Snatches were always the mortal enemy. But I have to say I am improving over time. The first time I did this event I had to constantly set the bell down to rest and could only manage about 5 reps per arm before having to hand switch. This year I was able to limit hand exchanges to 10 rep intervals.

I really love all of the events of this challenge. I also think they go well with my GS goals and conditioning for long cycle. In the future I would love to build to a 350# deadlift, 15-20 pullups and over 120 snatches….but that is going to take some serious work. My current training is definitely taking me in this direction so I’m going to chase after these numbers. The goal will be to incorporate more deadlifts and snatches into my GPP training. I literally spent 1 week preparing for this year so I’m really happy I was able to improve from last year, that being said, it would be nice to invest a bit more time to see what my full potential could be.

The Tactical Strength Challenge has also become important to me to participate in because it is also a fundraising event Greg Carver from StrengthBox has organized the last 2 years to raise fund for the Markham Stouffville hospital which runs programs and initiatives for children and adolescent mental health. As a teacher who loves her profession, the health and well-being of all children is something I care deeply about. I will always do whatever is within my power to make lives better for our youth.

Here’s a recap of my previous Challenges:

  2009 2012 2013
Body Weight (lbs) 146.6 136 130
Deadlift (lbs) 275 300 315
Dead hang pullups (reps) 6 13 14
16kg Snatches (5min) (reps) 86 99 105
Placing 20th 7th TBD?
Deadlift 2009
Deadhang pullup 2012
Deadhang pullup 2012
Deadlift 2013
Deadlift 2013

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