Still Training Naturally


It has been quite some time since I posted something in this section of my blog. I have been neglecting a bit of my MovNat practice which I expect to change now that the spring is here and there are more opportunities for me to get outside and train. Although my main focus this past year has been on my kettlebell sport training, I haven’t forgotten about all of the amazing things MovNat does for my body, and I have actually been using them in my warmups Β on my kettlebell training days (I just haven’t been posting them). My ground work drills I am convinced have done wonders for the health of my knees which continues to allow me to compete in kettlebell. Β I have continued to work on my pullups and techniques for getting over the bar (e.g. bear grylls). I will also be incorporating Systema into my practice and working on my combat/defensive skills. Balancing and jumping are two areas I have probably avoided the most and will be working on this summer.

This video is an example of how I love to warmup for kettlebell. This past week we had some of the best weather we have had for 2013 and I was so excited to move my training equipment back outside. Having the backyard – although still quite a small space, is still larger than indoors and allows me to practice. I like to make a mini combo and spend 12-15 minutes on it before I even touch my kettlebells. I was so excited to be outside I had already done my warmup before I realized it would be a great idea to film it. I know I have some non-MovNat work in there like my head stand leg raises and ring dips but whatever…I just like to play πŸ™‚ Just a reminder I haven’t forgotten the importance of including this work into my training and to continue to develop my skills and challenge myself.


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