Muscle Up Plan of Action

Muscle ups are tricky… to the regular people of the world. Gymnastics – damn you all!!! I wish my parents hadn’t pulled me out of gymnastics after only 1 session.  To a gymnast (or other fit lithe, free human being) it is the easiest move in the world. It just goes to show how out of touch with movement and our bodies we have become in this modern world. I am determined to reclaim this and get multiple repetitions of this move down.

A few years ago I dabbled in some specific training targeted at trying to get my muscle up. I wound up losing patience and getting frustrated and basically giving up on it. It is too vital a climbing technique to ignore. With renewed interest and fire in my belly I am going to take on this pet project for the next 4 weeks and see what happens. I feel leaner and stronger than I have felt in years so I feel primed to take on this challenge. Here’s how I plan to do it…

HOUSE OF CYN PUSH-PULL CHALLENGE 2013 (courtesy of Crossfit Wollongong)

Pushups/Pullups Pushups/Pull-ups Push-ups/Pullups Push-ups/pullups
Monday  = 38/12 Monday  = 15/35 Monday  = 22/38 Monday  = 11/39
Tuesday = 31/19 Tuesday =   19/31 Tuesday = 25/25 Tuesday = 9/41
Wednesday  =  25/25 Wednesday  = 28/32 Wednesday  = 27/33 Wednesday  = 35/15
Thursday   = 16/34 Thursday   =  44/6 Thursday   = 10/40 Thursday   = 32/18
Friday  =  9/44 Friday  = 9 / 41 Friday  = 37/13 Friday  = 21/39
Saturday =  60 push ups Saturday = 70 push ups Saturday = 80 push ups Saturday = 45 push ups
Sunday =  rest Sunday = rest Sunday = rest Sunday = rest
Total  = 179push/134 pull Total  = 185push/145 pull Total  = 201push/149 pull Total  =153push/152 pull
  Pushups Pull-ups
Monday Standard pushup from toes (chin/chest/thighs touch) Ring muscle up from knees
Tuesday Ring Pushups Dead hang pullups
Wednesday Standard pushup from toes (chin/chest/thighs touch) Bear Grylls or Leg-Assisted Muscle ups on climbing structure
Thursday HSPU Kipping pullups
Friday Standard pushup from toes Bar Muscle Up Using Band
Saturday AMRAP first, then broken as needed

I’ve posted the video of my first muscle up. I haven’t really attempted multiple repetitions of muscleups and now is the time I will train to go get them.


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