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Photo courtesy of Nazofoto
Photo courtesy of Nazofoto

Well, it has been over 8 weeks since the Bay Area Open and the last time I did any long cycle. I respected my doctor’s wishes (I’m a teacher after all – I’m good at doing what I’m told) and had 4 weeks of uber light/non-existent training followed by another 4 weeks of light training. At the end of this time period I am pretty much just as confused as when I started.

The Good News

1. Follow up blood work and an ultrasound of my kidneys show everything is in perfect working order and in fact pretty awesome.

2. I spent some time developing my snatch technique and discovered that I do actually love it. I have really seen the value in training snatch and have a new found respect for it. It is now on my list of kettle goals to dominate. I have great future plans for my snatch! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was really hoping by the end of my hiatus I would be able to pass a 10min snatch set with 12kg (icing on the cake would be to hit a rank). ย Well, shows you how stupid and cocky I was about learning something new. Snatch is a VERY different beast from long cycle. I learned to respect it very quickly. The best I could get in 4 weeks was an 8min set with 10kg. Even though I am going back to long cycle I will still be including some light snatch in my warmups so that I don’t lose touch with the technique. One day I will hit that set with the 12kg. I’m even thinking that after February (if I don’t have to take a huge amount of time off) I’m going to train for biathlon. I’d love to hit rank in biathlon with a 16kg before trying to make rank with the 24kg in long cycle.

3. As a result of my off-long-cycle training ย I focused a lot on my grip strength which I have noticed a significant improvement in.

4. I have considerably improved my hydration and realize this was a significant issue I had been avoiding. No more. I’m now routinely drinking 3-4 litres a day….even on a teaching schedule.

5. I am optimistic that I will be able to monitor this kidney situation through proper regulation of my diet which when I am being clean and training I have realized is too low in carbohydrates, particularly on lifting days. I haven’t got this quite dialed in yet but I am hopeful I will find balance.

6. I feel awesome.

7. I have decided the training hiatus is over and it is back to the business of MS training and preparation for February.

The Bad News

1. My urinary protein value is still high, and the only marker in my urine out of whack. My family physician has now referred me to a nephrologist who I see on November 19th.

2. My diet post competition started off great and had a period of huge debauchery, part of which I think was due to being depressed over how little I was training (I do not do well when I am inactive).

3. I’ve missed an extra month of training which is going to make my MS goal harder to obtain.

4. I have no real answers with how to control my urinary protein levels but feel it is a potential side effect of weight training.

5. I didn’t spend as much time on mobility and flexibility as I was hoping to during this break.

I’ve had enough. My doctor has done nothing to convince me completely that 1. there is an issue with my kidneys and 2. the correct response is to discontinue all exercise. This seems like an alarmist approach to me. The reality is I am not going to stop participating in kettlebell sport. So any solution needs to include my training and not remove it. I’m hopeful that the nephrologist will have some better ideas/solutions for me. If for some bizarre reason the only solution is a significant vacation from the sport so that I can pass a stupid pee test then it is going to have to wait until AFTER my Master of Sport pursuit. I am so close. February is so soon. The Cali Open and Sport Camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have worked so hard in the last year and a half that it means more than I can even express to have the opportunity to lift at such a prestigious and innovative event. If I am able to make rank in the midst of the company of my teammates and champions from around the world…I can think of no greater honour.

So…my new plan is to try to make up for lost time and fixate on my goal in February. I will be continuing to hydrate like it’s my job and work on my carbohydrate intake, and fingers crossed the nephrologist is going to find nothing wrong and give me some helpful hints on how to deal with my kidneys.

I really want to thank all of my OKC Chu-Hu’s for helping me through this. Especially Ken, BJ, Juliet and of course my coach Jason. I’m chomping at the bit to get back at it and I’m so stoked for this next part of the journey. It’s going to be TOUGH but I know if I stay the course I will be rewarded in February. WATCH OUT BITCHES!!! I’M BAAAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!!!!


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