Road to the Cali Open

The time is near. I have been preparing for this competition for 6 months. I had 8 weeks of training disrupted for kidney issues which continue to feel fine despite what urinary analysis continues to show. I decided to put it all behind me and train my ass for The Second Annual California Open Kettlebell Championship WGP Series. This will be the largest and most important competition I have competed in so far in my short kettlebell journey. At the Bay Area Open in August I was able to control the 20kg kettlebell for 81 repetitions. This time around I am trying to maintain 10rpm to reach the triple digit mark. Training has gone really well this winter but only time will tell if I can get it to translate into the platform performance I need. No matter what the result I am super proud of my training regime to get there. I have been eating super clean, I haven’t missed a training session, rarely missed my numbers and listening to my daily HRV score. I feel fantastic. I had a HUGE case of nerves last week right before my dreaded 8min set, but now that that is behind me I am feeling more and more ready. I can’t wait to see my teammates and friends and to meet, lift with and learn from real world champions. It is going to be a life changing experience. I’m so grateful for the excellent coaching I’ve received from Jason Dolby. I really hope my performance reflects his excellent teaching and programming. That’s really my main goal which if I achieve it I know the numbers will follow.

There are a few weeks missing from this video journey but I did not feel ready to film any sets for at least 2-3 weeks once I was back into my training routine. Once I felt ready to record  my sets I did so once a week for 15 consecutive weeks.

My 15 week video journal and Road to the Cali Open

Let’s do this!!!

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