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Road to the Cali Open

February 15, 2014

The time is near. I have been preparing for this competition for 6 months. I had 8 weeks of training disrupted for kidney issues which continue to feel fine despite what urinary analysis continues to show. I decided to put it all behind me and train my ass for The Second Annual California Open Kettlebell Championship WGP Series. This will be the largest and most important competition I have competed in so far in my short kettlebell journey. At the Bay Area Open in August I was able to control the 20kg kettlebell for 81 repetitions. This time around I am trying to maintain 10rpm to reach the triple digit mark. Training has gone really well this winter but only time will tell if I can get it to translate into the platform performance I need. No matter what the result I am super proud of my training regime to get there. I have been eating super clean, I haven’t missed a training session, rarely missed my numbers and listening to my daily HRV score. I feel fantastic. I had a HUGE case of nerves last week right before my dreaded 8min set, but now that that is behind me I am feeling more and more ready. I can’t wait to see my teammates and friends and to meet, lift with and learn from real world champions. It is going to be a life changing experience. I’m so grateful for the excellent coaching I’ve received from Jason Dolby. I really hope my performance reflects his excellent teaching and programming. That’s really my main goal which if I achieve it I know the numbers will follow.

There are a few weeks missing from this video journey but I did not feel ready to film any sets for at least 2-3 weeks once I was back into my training routine. Once I felt ready to record  my sets I did so once a week for 15 consecutive weeks.

My 15 week video journal and Road to the Cali Open

Let’s do this!!!

  1. Love the video journey! You will be awesome! Have fun and lift hard 🙂

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