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The Snatch Experience

January 27, 2015


WOW! It has been way to long since my last post. There are so many things I should share. First, the reason for my long departure I must confess was the victory of some people close to me who turned out to be haters. I was made to feel ashamed for the way that I am – honest, genuine, hard working. I finally decided that I needed to let go trying to please everyone, especially people who clearly don’t actually care about me. I will say I have a nasty habit of trying to please people who are never satisfied, and who ultimately will never be pleased. Now that I am over gaining the approval of haters, I am ready to get back to the business of sharing my love of movement and keeping on top of what was supposed to be my virtual training diary. Before I continue I do want to give a shout out to those people who have stood by me since the beginning, and are still standing by my side now. You know who you are, and I thank you for some of the most real and honest friendships I’ve ever had. Please know how much I appreciate and adore you!

Initially I had intended on doing a comeback post that reviewed 2014. It was a great year for me as far as kettle was concerned. Emotionally however, it was a very tough year and one that I would prefer not to review. Instead I have chosen to move forward. My lifting season basically ended in October at the Agatsu Regional competition. I had a great result – another CMS ranking, and only 2 reps shy of MS.


CMS – 20kg Jerk Only, 58kg, 130reps


Since I did not know what direction I wanted to go in for 2015 I decided to spend the rest of 2014 working on my snatch. As it crept into 2015, and I still was not sure where to take my next platform attempt I decided to continue with snatch. The time has now come where I will need to make a decision and I’m still not certain. The whole progression to snatch has been amazing. There was a time last year I tried snatch for a little bit and I was terrible….could not last even 2min an arm with 12kg, and managed to build to an 8min set with 10kg. Since then however, I have taken several workshops and a sports camp with world champions and received a lot of instruction on snatch that I hadn’t had the opportunity to put into practice yet. Here was my chance. I also began doing a fair bit of coaching in 2014, and most of my lifters were female snatchers. I decided if I was going to coach snatch I wanted to have a CMS rank as a minimum.

My progressions with various weight bells has been much quicker than I imagined. Trust me, I respect this sport and I respect the bell. I am not one to be a jumper. Just look at my long cycle resume. I have been groomed to respect technique above all else. I spent over a year working on 16kg OALC, even though all around me girls were jumping from 16kg to 24kg in a year. All I know, is that today, I do not lift like they do, and I prefer it that way. I intend on being the same way with snatch, but I will say I made significant progress in 4 months to close the gap between the discrepancy of what I can jerk and what I can snatch. I’m excited for the day they are equal. I feel much better about my relationship with the bell and feeling the way it moves, and the way I move around it. I have learned to create moments of relaxation, and to use checkpoints on every rep to make sure I recognize where energy leaks may be and try to correct them on the next rep. I’ve come a long way. No more over gripping, no more early grip fatigue…now just exhausted legs! On a proud note- not one hand tear ever! Lol! Below is a re-cap of the progress I have made so far.

21/11/2014          10kg/8min/ 134reps (66R/68L)      

 29/11/2014         10kg/10min/ 171reps (84R/87L)    

13/12/2014           12kg/8min/130reps (66R/64L)      

20/12/2014           12kg/10min/176reps (88R/88L)    

3/1/2014                14kg/6min/98reps (50R/48L)       

10/1/2014              14kg/8min/133reps (67R/66L)      

17/1/2014               14kg/10min/175reps (88R/87L)   

24/1/2014              16kg/5min/81reps (43R/38L)         

I am committed to this snatch project for another 4 weeks. Towards the end of February I will try my hand at my first 10min snatch set with 16kg. What I am most proud of about the work posted above is that every set is a pr for both reps AND time. They were all sets I had never previously attempted (unless you count the 12kg…I had attempted that before and failed miserably – but that was before any real GS snatch instruction). Once I go back to training for long cycle I fully intend to keep up my snatch work. I have become so fond of it I am actually thinking thoughts of biathlon.

As for GPP I continue to make goals for myself and work on improving my mobility and flexibility so that I will be able to compete in kettlebell sport for many years to come. I love this part of my training. Still riding high off of the Agatsu Movement camp in the summer I decided to make flexibility a challenge for me this year. I started off doing a splits challenge that I found on facebook. Twice a week for 2 months I religiously dedicated time to stretching. I followed a program I purchased on-line from Deflying Fitness. I hope to do some flexibility and handstand workshops with them soon. I wasn’t able to progress to the point of touch down, but I did develop a consistent practice and I definitely noticed improvement!


On the left is the beginning of my journey and on the right the end. In addition to this work I also spent time getting back to my barbell goals. Ever since the Cali Open Sport Camp I have wanted to 100reps at 100lbs of deadlifts, backsquats, front squats, jumping squats and good morning. This cycle I was able to cross deadlifts off that list. Not as cleanly as I wanted to do it but we built it up probably a week faster than we should have. Still I am super proud of the achievement and I can really notice the benefit it has added to my lifting.

WATCH OUT EVERYBODY! I am stronger, more efficient and more stoked than ever to set new pr’s and accomplish new goals in 2015. I have some exciting announcements to make in the upcoming months as well. If anyone is reading this – THANK YOU! I look forward to sharing my new kettle adventures with you.

  1. db Miko permalink

    Cynthia, Ya know the Agatsu was announced today – … just sayin’ :{)

    • cyndiesel permalink

      I will be there! 🙂 Not sure what I am lifting yet, but I’ll be lifting! 🙂

  2. Angela permalink

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You are an inspiration to me. ❤️

  3. I love your blog! You are so inspiring! You are on the path to becoming a world class lifter! Great stuff I’m so I found you on Instagram

    • cyndiesel permalink

      THANK YOU LISA!!! The feeling is mutual!!! 🙂 ❤

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