Early Spring Cleaning

Wow. I see that my last post related to kettlebell training was on January 27th, 2015. So much has happened in the last year. There is too much to explain, so let me sum up: Over the last year I went in a new direction with a new coach – Abigail Johnston from Scotland. 2015 was a time of transition so I did not put any unnecessary pressure on myself in terms of competitions. I tried to save some money and did not travel to as many places, or as far away. I just enjoyed my training and playing with long cycle, and biathlon.

My 2015 Competition Schedule looked like this:


April – Agatsu Competition, Toronto, Canada, 20kg OALC, 89 reps (CMS Ranking, KETA)


June – Niagara Kettlebell Sport Open, St. Catharines, Ontario, 16kg Snatch (5min) – 91reps (Rank 1, KETA)


July – Bells on the Beach, IKFF Comp, Rochester, NY, 16kg biathlon (170 jerks, 128 snatches) (Rank 1 IKFF – biathlon, CMS for jerk only)


October – Agatsu Competition, Toronto, Canada, 20kg jerk only, 134 rep (MS rank, Agatsu/Keta), TALC – 12kg, 84 reps


December – North Texas Kettlebell Sport Open, Frisco, Texas, 20kg, OALC 93reps (CMS Ranking, KETA)

The transition to a new style of programming took a few growing pains, but even still, I managed to set personal bests at every competition. Three competitions I performed events that I had never done before on the platform. The year ended with me feeling very optimistic and confident in my lifting.

So enough living in the past. Here’s 2016. What’s up is my first competition is in 6 weeks. In the winter I really need a long training cycle. There are so many events and commitments I have as a teacher between October – February. It’s insane. It challenges my ability to stay organized and my commitment to staying prepared and doing what it takes to meet my goals. As anyone who juggles a career with kettlebell sport (and for many parenting as well) will tell you – it ain’t easy to keep a consistent sleep schedule, and nutrition on point when you have so much to juggle at once. At any rate for me, I prefer not to add the extra stress of preparing for a competition during these months. Instead, in the winter, I hunker down like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV. It’s a great time to just lift. In some ways I know I have used my time well and I can feel and see some growth in my lifting. On the other hand I am disappointed in how my mobility and flexibility routines have suffered.

Hahahahaa…..and it really only took THIS long to get to the point of this post. Lmao. When I don’t like the way something is working – I change it. Instead of wallowing in the disappointment of my current state of mobility (and nagging wrist injury), I am getting proactive with shit. I’ve made a plan for the next 6 weeks to make the following TOP priority no matter what else life throws at me:

1. GMB Hip and Shoulder routines on lifting days

2. GMB General Routine/+Gymnastics homework on non-lifting days

3. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

I have a few movement benchmarks that will let me know how I’m progressing – e.g. sitting in lotus, shrimp squats, and animal walks.

LLLT brings in a new addition to my support team (lol). Colin Badali is a RMT+CSCS+LLLT and friend who I once worked with as a personal trainer at Strengthbox. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Colin as he begins his career. We are both data nerds and I am just as excited to see the results as he is. Colin is also one of those people I feel is a natural healer. He has a very calming presence and usually offers a more conservative and safe approach which for me has traditionally been the most effective long term.  LLLT is fairly new to me and I must admit that I do not know more than what’s in this video, and this youtube video. What I do like is that is is pretty non-invasive and therefore allows me to train while still doing these sessions. I’m optimistic that it will help my preparation over the next 6 weeks, and my hope is it will heal up this issue with my wrist and let me get back to handstands and crawling activities 🙂


This is my formal public declaration that I am committed to resolving the weaknesses I have in my lower body. My mobility/flexibility routine is not an option but something I MUST be committed to working on every day. Over the next 6 weeks as I prepare for the Agatsu competition in April, I will be reporting in on the progress I am making with my 3 new areas of focus. Thanks for reading!



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