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Treehouse of Cyn

spartacus shoot

I initially began blogging as a way to record my training  in a journal.  Back during my undergraduate degree (oh so long ago… sniffle sniffle) when I competed in track and cross country running, I used to keep a training log that I wrote in religiously. Although I love the feel and look of ink on paper, and the physical act of writing, I am enjoying the technology upgrade to blogging. With the on-line aspect of allowing others – even complete strangers to comment on my life. As an elementary school teacher I try to pride myself as being a life long learner.  Every year I tell my students to try 1 new thing each day that terrifies them. Well, technically this kind of counts. This blog opens myself up to a world of constructive criticism, and I look forward to any responses.


  1. Yay! Treehouse of Cyn blog!

  2. You are braver than I …

  3. Carolyn permalink

    I am curious to where you are in Canada. I am in southwestern Ontario. I just heard about kettle bell lifting as a sport.

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